When designing or remodeling your home, there are aspects to consider that reach beyond color palettes and material selection. A design concept that is becoming more popular with advancing technology is Audio Visual Home Automation.

Each day brings new advances in home technology. While creating a cohesive home design, we look at audio visual design as a way to enhance the quality of your home. The ability to integrate television, home theater, lighting control, multi-room audio, HVAC, security, appliances, and other systems through a centrally controlled home network is a luxury that we can build into any home design or remodel.

The best time to consider what your home automation system will look like is before the project begins. You want to avoid putting your home automation system together one piece at a time. Even if you don’t plan on executing the plan immediately, plan for it during the design process so when it is time to automate your home all of the groundwork has already been installed.