Inspired & Creative Whole Home Remodeling

Remodel and reimagine your bathroom, bedroom, living room — anything is possible.

Great designs. Better service.

Time to update appliances? Breathe new life into an outdated design? Add more storage? Make space to entertain or accommodate your growing family? When design and build come together, there’s no limit to what we can do!

But we believe the only thing better than our kitchen designs is our commitment to your satisfaction. Your kitchen should reflect you, your family, and how you live.

You’ll appreciate our attention to detail, deep knowledge of design styles, and passion for creating classic, timeless, and functional kitchens.

We design it. We build it. You love it.

Mosaik remodeled my bathroom, hallway and laundry room. Good planning and on-time services. Great quality of work. Great communications.


Erin, and Scott remodeled my entire house this year, 2016. With Erin’s design and Scott’s percise skills, my house is now a beautiful home. They are professional and on schedule. Moreover, they always kept me updated on the weekly progress. I felt so good with their work I took several vacations during the project.


What is design-build?

Design-build isn’t remodeling. It’s more like a guiding philosophy and a process that allows us to do amazing work. Without design-build we wouldn’t be a one-stop shop for your home remodel.

Our design-build process lets us take ownership of your project from start to finish. Here at Mosaik Design & Remodeling, design-build is built around:

Preparation – Our architects, designers, and builders work together as one unified team. There’s no confusion, no finger pointing, and none of the hassles traditionally associated with home remodeling.

Communication – We talk to each other — and to you — throughout the project. We’ll check in and update you on our progress. You’ll know what’s happening and how things are going.

Execution – Our contractors and construction teams work quickly and efficiently to minimize the disruption to your daily routine.

That’s design-build.

Let’s get to know each other better!

We’re here to help with your design-build remodeling project. Tell us what’s on your mind.

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Mosaik Design Oregon Home Magazine Cover
Mosaik Design Oregon Home Magazine Cover

Thoughtful, stylish, and modern interior design

Nothing makes a house a home quite like the attention to detail provided by our interior designers. Nothing is overlooked and nothing is left to chance. We’ll work with you to carefully and thoughtfully select appliances, artwork, furniture, accent pieces, paint, tile, and anything else that’s needed. Unlike other remodeling firms where interior design is an afterthought, our designers are part of the project from day one to make sure everything falls neatly into place.