A good kitchen designer will always create the best design by collaborating with the client and getting very specific about the family’s needs and wants for the space. This involves asking a lot of questions about how they live and what their lifestyle is. Do they have kids? Dogs? Do they entertain? Is it casual or formal? How many cooks will be working in the kitchen at the same time?

It is important to create one or two spaces to eat, do homework or crafts, and gather as a family. We have found that adding an eating bar on an island in the kitchen is one attractive and practical solution. Adjustable stools are always a good idea to accommodate growing kids at different ages. Eat-in nooks and banquettes are great too, since they provide a cozy space for casual family meals. Brightly-colored cups and plates add to the mealtime fun.

Also, the kids and parents need to have a place in the kitchen to organize daily life and to display the children’s artwork. Chalkboards and bulletin boards are handy and fun options that are available as clever built-in features.

If you have the space, why not add something just for the kids like a drinking fountain? This allows the kids to drink their water out of the way of the main kitchen, and also conserves on washing glassware. They may even drink more water because the fountain is a novelty.