When a client asks us “What is the best way to spend my remodeling money?”, we usually give options that involve a balance of cutting costs and splurging.  There are times when spending more on certain key features and fixtures will significantly enhance the quality and enjoyment of a living space.

For a family room, we recommend investing a bit more on the fireplace and a customized entertainment system.  Since the fireplace and the TV are usually the focal points of most family rooms, they both need to be visually appealing and should also function well for the family’s lifestyle.

When updating a fireplace, we collaborate with our clients to decide whether to resurface old brick with tile or to choose a special paint color that adds a design element or accent. We explain the practical advantages of converting to a gas log set or insert, and then we make the transition.  We accessorize the new look with an upgraded fireplace screen.

The option of placing the TV above the fireplace is still widely popular since it combines the TV and fireplace into one focal point for the room. When done properly, the TV can be disguised behind art, cabinet doors or simply incorporated into the design.

An entertainment center also adds huge value to the new family room because it is a highly functional piece of furniture.  We create the entertainment center using custom cabinetry for storing the DVD and CD collections, photo albums, collectibles, the TV and all of its components. To outfit the center with the latest technology, we refer our clients to their local AV specialist for advice on selecting a system that will fit the family’s needs.