Mid Century Kitchen Remodel 1

We recently completed a dreamy top-to-bottom mid-century kitchen remodel for a wonderful client in the Oak Hills neighborhood. It was a fun project that involved completely redesigning the kitchen with an updated layout, flow, and look.

Our clients are so happy with the result and are now able to enjoy a completely upgraded kitchen that feels and looks like the rest of their home. Although the client is the only person we aim to impress with our work, this project has also earned larger recognition and was recently featured in Oregon Home magazine!

Pick up a copy of the Spring 2021 edition of Oregon Home or view the digital version here. (We’re on page 18!)

If you’re interested in revamping your kitchen to match your style — whether that’s adding a pop of color or completely reimagining the layout and design — we can help. Give me a call today and let’s chat.

Learn more about this kitchen remodel project in our portfolio here: https://mosaikdesign.com/portfolios/mid-century-kitchen-remodel/