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The networks are full of great resources for design inspiration.

Popular channels like HGTV and other home improvement shows provide a valuable glimpse into current trends, as well as some fabulous design ideas. However, it’s important to realize that reality TV is not, well… reality.

The home remodeling projects you see on television are not a reliable indicator of either timeline or price/budget when you’re planning your own project.

Most of materials for television remodeling projects are donated or sold to the show at cost in exchange for advertising or PR. It’s great exposure for the manufactures to be featured on television, so they’re often willing to kick in the materials.   Also, project labor is usually donated or performed by the TV host and team (who are, obviously, on the studio payroll).

What is the actual cost of a televised remodeling project? The viewer is never likely to know the real costs.  Here’s the takeaway.  You’ll need to invest both time and money to get the results you’re looking for in your home improvement project.

My advice – Gather all the creative ideas you can from your favorite home improvement show, and enjoy the entertainment drama, but don’t count on reality TV to provide a rock solid plan for your own personal project.

Give me a call to discuss your project.  I would love to hear some of those great ideas you’ve been collecting.