Basement Remodel

This basement remodel, featured on the 2013 Tour of Remodeled Homes,  had a Home Performance Test conducted on it before the remodel began so we knew how to improving it’s energy efficiency.   After adding  (2) new high-efficiency furnaces, all new windows, all new ductwork, sealing all cracks, and adding extra insulation and soundproofing in the entire basement, we had the home tested again.  Now we can see, in the form of a score, what a huge difference these upgrades made:  The EPS or Energy Performance Score.

What is an EPS? 

This year, Energy Trust of Oregon has really begin to  promote this enery scoring system.  All new and existing homes are eligible to receive an EPS.  This new tool according to Energy Trust of Oregon “provides a standardized estimate of a homes energy use and associated carbon emissions.  The score also allows for comparisons of one home’s energy use to another, without the influence of varying occupant behavior. Homeowners can also use the tool to compare the typical energy use of the house in its current state versus what it could be like after energy upgrades”.

We believe this will become a vital tool for homeowners to decide whether to purchase a home or not based on the EPS.  Also, it is a standardized, tangible method that offers results in writing.  Most importantly, it is another way to feel good about improving your home’s energy efficiency and value.