One of the most common complaints from our clients is that their lighting design is either outdated or inadequate.  In most cases it is both, so when designing a space, the lighting needs to be addressed both functionally and aesthetically.

Correcting these problems doesn’t have to involve a lighting designer or a large budget.  For instance,  you can add small recessed can lights to a dark hallway or bring  a dark corner to life by hanging an interesting pendant.  When installing a hanging fixture like a pendant or a chandelier, it is best to anchor them with a table, seating area or bed.

You can also add interest to a space by installing  art or “spot” lighting.  This can be a simple can light with a recessed “eyeball” trim or a spot light installed on the ceiling so you see the beautiful art, not the source of light.

A final trick to freshen up a space is to replace existing lighting such as pendants above an island, table lamps, chandeliers or boring, flush mount ceiling fixtures with fun, unique fixtures.  You will be amazed at how much a space can feel updated just by improving your lighting or adding an amazing light fixture.

Remember to always install dimmers on your lighting.  Not only does it give you control over how much light you want, but it is very sustainable to be able to dim your lighting.