Many Portland homes have under-home garages in them. If you are planning to purchase a home with a garage beneath it, or already own one, we have some ideas on how to better utilize the space! Converting unused spaces can add up to 400 square feet of livable space to your home.

You will want to first survey the space with your designer to determine what type of room your under-home garage could blossom into. A new living space for the family? A game room? Perhaps a new primary suite? There will be many aspects of the current space to consider in order to determine the best use for this valuable real estate.

Your remodeler will help you figure out how to plan for plumbing and heating and air conditioning if they are not currently a part of your under-home garage. There will be permits to apply for, and plans to be drawn, but the fun part is right around the corner.

Think about how you want this new space to blend into the rest of your home. You will want it to flow seamlessly from your current space to your new space. Consider using the same flooring, wall treatments, or lighting to bring the spaces together.

Converting your Under-Home Garage may present you with a few hurdles, but once your new remodeled room is complete you will not regret the time you put into it. Hiring a design/build team like Mosaik Design & Remodeling will help you sail through the remodeling process.