Even in the best economy, most of our clients have a budget for their kitchen remodeling projects.  We are usually asked what we can do to keep the project within that budget without sacrificing the look, feel and quality of the project.

While this is certainly a challenge, we use a good, better, best scenario to achieve this goal.  For instance, in the world of cabinetry, the “good” option would be to order stock cabinets, usually from a big box store, IKEA etc.   The “better” and “best” options woudl be a semi-custom or custom cabinetry.  These offer greater customization for a much better fit and finish.

We usually recommend “better” or “best” when it comes to cabinetry, because the cabinetry in your kitchen is a workhorse and you want them to last.  It is worth the additional expense to add drawers, upgrade drawer boxes and glides and install specialty organization systems to get additional storage and maximum performance out of your cabinetry.

You may also want to consider a “better” or “best” option for your countertops.  Porcelain tile and slab quartz or stone fall within these categories.  Not only are both options more sustainable, but they will last longer and in most cases are maintenance free.  You can also install an under-mount sink in both cases, which provides a more streamlined look and an easier clean-up.