It is true that building your kitchen remodeling budget is not nearly as much fun as dreaming up color schemes and looking at backsplash samples. It is, however, a necessary step in your kitchen remodel to prevent a large financial headache.

When creating your remodel budget, it is helpful to sit down with your designer to discuss the budget that you have in mind and the components of the remodeled kitchen that are most important to you.

Some considerations:

  • Know if you are planning on living in the home for over 5 years, or if this home will be an investment to sell in the next few years.
  • Determine if this remodel will put your house in a pricing position that is comparable to other homes in your neighborhood.
  • Don’t forget to include labor costs; these can add up to one-third of your budget.
  • Leave a cushion in the budget for the unexpected.
  • Once the remodel has begun, keep a running total of what you are spending and how it compares to your budget.
  • And lastly – plan, plan, plan! Having solid, researched construction and design decisions in place before work begins will help eliminate costly mistakes.

Hiring an experienced designer and remodeler will help you plan your kitchen makeover with a design that works for you and your budget.