Choosing a remodeler to make your current home your dream home can be a big chore. This isn’t a tiny job that you are hiring someone to complete. You want to research your options, and make sure that the company you hire is up to the challenge. Simply choosing the lowest bid may cost you more money in the long run.

You will want to look for a few key pieces of information, aside from price, while choosing your someone to run your remodel:

  • How long has their company been established in the area?
  • What do their references have to say about the quality of work performed and of the service and communication they received?
  • Does the remodeler have a reputation for satisfying their client’s expectations and doing so on schedule?
  • Are they licensed, bonded, and insured in accordance with the local laws, and
  • Does their prior work speak to the ability that you are looking for with your remodel?

Making sure that these 5 questions are answered properly will make your home remodel less stressful, and the finished product more enjoyable!