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Many homeowners throughout Portland face a similar dilemma — they’ve outgrown their home sweet home. Maybe there’s not enough space for a new baby, aging parents need a place to stay, or there just isn’t enough storage space.

It doesn’t matter your reasoning. If your home doesn’t meet your needs anymore, and you don’t want to move out of the neighborhood you know and love, a home addition remodel may be the perfect answer.

Keep reading for some of the most popular and creative ways Portland homeowners are adding space to their homes in 2020.

Mud rooms & entryways

Entryway design and remodel by Mosaik.

Many older Portland homes weren’t originally built with modern entryway spaces. Front doors often enter straight into the living room. You might be lucky to have an alternative entry, but even that might open directly into the kitchen or dining area. 

Especially in our often rainy climate, a mudroom or specified entry space can be a lifesaver. Having an area to take off dirty shoes, store coats and bags, and greet guests can make your home feel less cramped, cluttered, and messy. 

A mud room or new entry area can be added to a side or front doorway, depending on your home design. Some staple features of this type of home addition include:

  • Shoe storage
  • Coat racks for closets
  • Seating area to put on or take off shoes

These are great features, but we always encourage clients to think big. Some of the most popular mudroom trends of 2020 also include:

  • A half bathroom
  • A dog bathing space
  • Pet food storage areas
  • Built-in storage cubbies
  • Laundry room

There are really so many ways to turn a mudroom or entryway into a highly functional space allowing for better organization and flow in your home. It’s amazing how much more spacious your home will feel.

Butler’s pantry

Butler’s Pantry by Mosaik Design & Remodeling. See more from this project.

A butler’s pantry is basically a kitchen within a kitchen. Traditionally, this space would sit between the kitchen and dining room and was used as a place for the butler to store a family’s expensive silver and china. Over time, this space also became a staging area for party preparation. 

Though butler’s pantries have all but disappeared from most home’s today, they’re definitely making a comeback and are a big home addition trend in 2020. 

Modern homeowners are totally rethinking what a butler’s pantry can be. This space is a popular option for those who enjoy entertaining, or who simply need supplemental kitchen storage. With the surge of popularity in minimalistic style and highly organized homes, this type of addition helps limit cluttered countertops and provides a space for everything.

Modern butler’s pantry home additions typically feature:

  • Countertop space
  • Cabinets and shelving
  • Wine or beer storage
  • Home bar
  • Espresso area
  • Sink
  • Mini fridge

The beauty of this space is its versatility. Think about your needs when it comes to your kitchen and entertaining to discover the perfect combination of features for your butler’s pantry.

Kitchen extensions

Kitchen addition remodel by Mosaik Design & Remodeling. See more from this project.

Your kitchen is perhaps the most popular room in the home — it’s also one of the most frequently remodeled spaces. Many people immediately think of opening walls and adding new appliances, but actually, expanding the kitchen is another popular trend.

Many kitchens in Portland were built decades ago, long before the concept of open floor plan kitchens became the norm. Older homes are often small and closed off. And while you might find a specified dining space in a craftsman or 90s era home, those are pretty rare as well.

It may surprise you how easy it is to expand your space through a kitchen addition. It typically involves some combination of borrowing from other rooms, tearing down walls, and adding onto the footprint of your home.

Some of the most popular 2020 features for a kitchen addition include:

  • Open floor plan
  • Kitchen island countertop
  • Breakfast nook
  • Dining room
  • Sliding doors into an outdoor dining area or patio
  • Built-in storage
  • Walk-in pantry

Comfortable & functional basements

Basement remodel and design by Mosaik.

An unfinished and dingy basement is a waste of space! 

Many homeowners are already realizing the potential of their basement — turning it into a comfortable and functional space not only adds elbow room to your home, it’s also an incredible investment. For these reasons, basement home addition remodels are incredibly popular right now.

Whether you’re adding a basement onto your home — a much larger project — or reinventing an existing but unfinished basement, there are so many ways you can ultimately add onto and use this space.

  • Entertainment room
  • Guest suite
  • Laundry area
  • Home gym
  • Home office or library
  • Extra bedrooms
  • Additional bathroom

Most homeowners we work with chose a combination of uses for this space in their home, depending on their needs and the size of their basement. To really transform a basement into a comfortable and functional space, pay attention to the details. Little things like built-in storage, high-quality flooring, and beautiful interior design are key.

Accessibility accommodations

Bathroom addition by Mosaik Design & Remodeling. See more from this project.

Often, people are forced to move out of their home because its layout and design poses a risk to them in their senior years. For this reason, aging-in-place home additions have become very trendy over the last few years and will continue to be incredibly popular.

Aging-in-place remodeling is aimed at helping homeowners live happily and independently at home as they get older. This type of addition is focused on accessibility and typically involves:

  • Adding a primary suite to the ground level of the home
  • Widening doorways
  • Adding bathrooms with zero-transition showers
  • Leveling showers and removing tub walls
  • Decreasing steepness of steps
  • Adding handrails where needed

There’s also a growing trend of adults adding in-law suites to their home for their aging parents. These suites may be attached or detached from the home and are meant to provide a safe space for older relatives to stay — whether they’re moving in permanently or just visiting.

Adding onto your home doesn’t have to be stressful

If your home doesn’t meet your needs anymore, we offer high-quality, beautiful home addition remodels.

Mosaik Design & Remodeling is the one-stop shop for home additions in Portland. We rely on careful preparation, communication, and execution to offer amazing results. We’d love to dream and reimagine your space together and help you understand what might be possible.

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