Transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis.

Give your bathroom the ultimate makeover and give yourself a relaxing day at the spa every single day! Modern spa-inspired bathroom remodels offer both a luxurious spa retreat and a highly functional space. This balance between relaxing oasis and convenient space is right where you want to be.

Natural lighting

We love lots of windows in a bathroom. You just can’t replicate the open and airy feeling of natural light.

If windows aren’t an option, and your bathroom is on the top floor of your home, you may also want to consider a skylight. Of course, no matter how you add more natural lighting to your bathroom, you’ll need to have proper window treatments or frosted glass to ensure privacy.

Smart window treatments

Today’s window coverings are smarter than ever. High-end blinds and shades can be connected to smart home systems and programmed to meet your needs. You can set your blinds to open or close at a certain time, or at the press of a button. 

Once you have the ability to control your window treatments, trust us, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


Imagine an evening spent soaking in your jacuzzi tub, sipping on a glass of wine, and listening to the crackling flames of your bathroom fireplace. We can’t think of a more relaxing setup!

Fireplaces in the bathroom are not always possible, but if it’s something you’re interested in, it’s worth bringing up with your remodeler.

Mood lighting

A modern lighting system will allow you to lower or raise the lights in your bathroom to create the perfect setting and meet your needs in any given moment. We also love adding an unexpected lighting feature to bring the room together, like a chandelier or luxurious free-standing lights or lighting fixtures.

Mounted TV

We love a tastefully situational large plasma flat-screen TV in the bathroom. It’s a nice way to stay on top of the latest news headlines as you get ready in the morning, or catch up on your favorite TV show while relaxing in the tub or getting ready for bed.

High-tech jacuzzi

Free-standing jacuzzis are the pinnacle of a spa-like bathroom setup. There’s nothing quite so wonderful as a long hot bath with high-tech tub features to help you slip into deeper relaxation. Modern tubs offer features like bubbles, jets, and even built-in vibrational acoustics!

Walk-in shower with dual showerheads

If you share your primary bathroom with a partner, a spacious walk-in shower is a must-have feature. But don’t stop there. 

We recommend a dual showerhead setup and perhaps even a shower seat. Even better, opt for a rainfall showerhead. This fixture gently massages you with a wide stream of water coming from directly overhead.

Programmable water thermostat

This is a wonderful spa-like bathroom feature that’s great for the environment! Programmable thermostats allow you to automatically adjust your water to create the perfect shower temperature. These thermostats can also offer reduced the flow amount to help make sure you’re not wasting water.

Heated floors

Say goodbye to chilly toes. Heated floors are one of the most requested spa-like bathroom features here in the Portland area. We understand why! 

Even in summer, there’s something inviting about stepping out of the shower onto a warm floor. And in the colder months, heated bathroom floors are the perfect way to start or end the day feeling cozy and warm.

Not only are high-end radiant tile floors an envious luxury, it can also help you avoid using as much forced air in your home and can reduce your energy costs over time. It works by fitting radiant heating under the tiles of your bathroom. It’s a fairly simple installation when combined with a bathroom remodel.

Floating and enclosed shelving

During your bathroom makeover, don’t forget about storage. The ability to neatly organize your bathroom accessories and linens makes all the difference in creating a relaxing and functional space.

We love floating shelving as a luxurious bathroom storage feature for accessories like candles, towels, and other accessories. Combining that with some enclosed storage options ensures your space doesn’t look cluttered.

Built-in sound system 

Today’s audio systems come with great features. Save your favorite radio stations, connect to your favorite music streaming service, or sync to your phone to play your own music.

Soothing music through your built-in bathroom speakers will definitely provide a relaxing atmosphere. Or maybe you want to start the day off with something a little more up-beat — the choice is yours!

You can even install speakers inside your shower — perfect for those who love to belt out their favorite songs while washing up.

Many of our clients choose Sonos players. These allow you to coordinate a speaker system throughout your entire home, not just your bathroom.

Make every day feel like a trip to the spa

If you’re interested in transforming your space into a spa-like environment with a bathroom remodel, our team can help. On average, a bathroom remodel through Mosaik provide you with a 75% return on investment!

We’ll pay attention to storage, lighting, ambiance, and technology and will help you create a relaxing and functional space.

Let’s talk!