Windows let in light and can open up any room. They come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s no one-size-fits-all hack for decorating around windows. The right decor and treatments for your windows depends on their size, shape, and location, as well as your own personal style preferences, of course!

Let’s take a look at a few of the most difficult types of windows to decorate around and my favorite solutions for each.


Full Wall Windows: Focus on the Outside

A full wall of windows lends itself very well to a minimalist aesthetic. I recommend letting the beauty outside be your decoration. If the window wall overlooks your front or back yard, invest some time into landscaping.

The possibilities are endless. You might use potted plants, hanging lights, gravel, or a bird bath. You might even go all out and create your own Japanese rock garden to gaze at through the window when you need some zen.

If the inside just feels too bare without a little decoration, try setting a tall vase or two on the floor or placing a few potted plants indoors.

mediterranean living room

Tall Windows: Choose Tall Curtains

Tall windows that go to the floor (or almost) are often accompanied high ceilings — a beautiful feature that can present some interior design challenges.

In most spaces, tall windows are best showcased with long to-the-floor curtains. They create a sense of balance and elegance. With this window type, it’s OK if the curtains extend below the base of the window. If your windows are rounded on top (like these) you might consider hanging your curtains a little bit below the top of the window.

And, of course, curtains aren’t your only option. You might opt for tall shutters like these, or no window treatment at all if privacy isn’t a concern.


High up Windows: Fill the Space with What you Love

What are you supposed to do with all that space under small windows that are high up off the floor?

I like the idea of filling the space with:

  • One piece of furniture (often a table or desk)
  • One art display

Here’s where you can really get creative! Showcase your favorite painting or hang some family photos — whatever you like! You could even create your own travel-themed gallery wall to showcase your family’s adventures.

If you need some advice for beautifully incorporating art into your home or places to find great local art for less, check out my guide to making art part of your home.


Big Window Sills: Nix the Curtains

Big window sills can feel like a hassle, and can make hanging curtains extremely challenging! Here’s my advice:

If it fits with the style of your room, forget curtains and choose a nice window shade instead. Window shades can fit comfortably within the window frame without disrupting anything you place on the sill. Plus, that makes it easier to see and admire all the lovely plants, photos, or other knick knacks you display there.

front door window

Door Windows: Privacy Meets Beauty

Front doors with windows can be great, but not everyone wants porch visitors to be able to see inside the house before you’ve even opened the door.

The most permanent option is to replace the plain glass with a good quality privacy glass that still lets some light through but also protects your privacy.

An easier option is to install curtains, blinds, or a shade that’s held at both the top and bottom (so that it holds still when the door opens and closes).

The budget option is window film. It’s generally not as durable as the alternatives, but it’s quick, easy, and provides plenty of privacy. You can even find fun patterns, like this etched lace design from Target.

small bathroom window

Weird Bathroom Windows: Maximize Cleanliness and Airflow

It’s not uncommon for bathrooms in Portland to have small or weirdly shaped windows that can be tricky to decorate around.

In bathrooms, privacy is often a concern, so shutters can be a great choice. They’re easy to open and close, and they provide air flow (if the window can be opened).

When dealing with a small bathroom, I often like to keep decorations minimal with the goal of creating a serene, clean-looking environment. However, if you have a window ledge, it can be a nice place to display small potted plants, which are great for purifying the air.

My Biggest Window Tip

Just have fun! Don’t worry too much about the rules. Choose window treatments and decorations you love, and your windows will look great.

If you’re looking for that extra polished, professional touch, our interior design team would love to help!

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