The TV is a living room staple for many families, but how do you decorate around one?

For generations, the TV has been a place where families gather in the evenings for the local news or a favorite TV show. (Remember when TVs looked like this?) Still, many families don’t want the TV to completely dominate the living room from a visual standpoint.

Is it possible for that big, bulky flatscreen to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the room? Keep reading to see 9 of my favorite ways to decorate around a TV.

1. Hide It With a Sliding Wall Panel

2013 Green Dream Home

One way to keep the TV out of the limelight when not in use, is to hide it completely! A recessed wall section with a sliding panel is a great option. It keeps the TV completely out of the way when you don’t want to use it, and easy to access when you do. You can even set up the panel to be remote-activated.

At Mosaik Design & Remodeling, we did something similar for a client who wanted a beautiful yet functional way to hide her flat screen TV. The result was this super quiet, remote-controlled mirror lift:

2. Bring the Outside In

Orchard Family Room B

It’s no secret that indoor plants can freshen the air and liven up a room. Studies have shown that the presence of plants even makes people happier.

If the area around your TV is feeling a little “blah,” why not add some greenery to the mix? Framing a TV with plants and flowers is one of the easiest ways to decorate around a TV without investing in a big remodeling project.

3. Keep it Minimalist

living room

In a sleek, modern space, a TV can actually become a beautiful part of the design. The earth-toned, minimalist living room above is a great example! Overall, this mid-century inspired room is very Mad Men, but the big, widescreen TV smoothly brings the whole look into the 21st century.

Keep in mind, though, that you don’t need a modern, sprawling floor plan to make minimalist elements work. Check out this Asian-style family room for an example of perfectly executed minimalism in a smaller space.

4. Make the TV a Focal Point for Your Library

Bucktown Residence

I love using books in home decor! They add so much warmth and homeyness to a space. After all, you want your home to look like someone actually lives there, right?

The key is to arrange them in a way that looks balanced. If you have plenty of shelf space, try turning some of the books on their side and breaking up the space between books with trip souvenirs, framed photos, small plants, collectible items, or other knick knacks.

5. Listen to the Greeks and Use Symmetry

Homefield Road

Did you know the word “symmetry” actually comes from the ancient Greek word symmetria, which means “agreement in dimensions, due proportion, arrangement.” The Greeks (and the Romans too) considered symmetry to be an important principle in architecture and design.

Symmetry is naturally pleasing to the human eye, but when something is too symmetrical, it can look a little strange. The living room above uses the same basic elements on either side of the TV but changes things up just enough. The picture frames are the same shape, but the pictures are different. The shelves above the TV are the same size but contain different items. You get the idea.

6. Play with Color

living space basement

Don’t want everyone’s eyes to gravitate immediately toward the TV? Give them something else to look at! Bright colors elsewhere in the room add interest and keep the TV from taking over. Brightly patterned couch cushions, bold rugs, or colorful artwork will do the trick.

We designed this industrial chic basement for a family of four with an emphasis on mid-century-inspired furniture and colorful accents. The fun, eclectic design of the room allows the TV to be a focal point without completely dominating the space.

7. Turn a TV Room into an Awesome Sports Bar

Family Room, Home Theater and Bar

Have you ever considered decorating around a TV with…other TVs?

This style and budget may not be for everyone. But if you host frequent sports parties or other TV-watching events, it can be well worth the investment. This is a great style for sports lovers who want to keep watch parties out of the living room. If you have extra space in a basement or spare room, a sports bar vibe can be a great choice!

Just don’t forget the mini fridge for storing drinks and snacks!

8. Frame it Like a Painting

Comfortable Contemporary Brick Bungalow in Woodstock

Many people aren’t into contemporary design trends, but still want to make space in the living room for the TV. If that sounds like you, you shouldn’t feel like you have to compromise your design tastes just to accommodate an electronic appliance.

In a room that has a more traditional feel overall, a picture frame can make a TV feel less out of place. There are plenty of DIY tutorials out there, or you can have a professional make one for you. I’d be happy to help, if you’re interested!

9. Create a Contrast with White Accents

tv room loft

Photo: atravellingmom

There’s nothing wrong with a little contrast. Maybe your goal isn’t to make the TV invisible. A big TV screen looks clean and crisp next to white furniture and accessories. This room combines a white wall, white picture frames, a white table, and a white lamp — all adding up to a bright welcoming room.

The wood stove and the warm tones of the furniture both help warm up the room and keep it from looking too stark.


TVs sometimes get a bad reputation for looking ugly, but these 9 examples prove they don’t have to. TVs are an important part of everyday family life for many households. Are you ready to beautify the space around your TV?

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