Here at Mosaik Design & Remodeling, we’re excited it’s 2015. A new year means hope and possibility. Specifically, it’s a fresh start to tackle those areas of your home you’re less than thrilled with. Whether you have plans to remodel or just dabble in design, you’ll want to know what trends are in for this year. We’ve rounded up some home, bath, and kitchen design trends for 2015, so keep reading!

Interior Design Trends in 2015

Overall this year, a warm and homey look is replacing stark, cold modernism, according to Art of Kitchens designer Kesha Pillay. As such, driftwood and other natural, unfinished wood will be more common than glossy, polished wood in living spaces.

Another 2015 home design trend is ceiling decoration — they’re the new accent wall. Instead of painting your ceiling a light color or white, homeowners and designers are opting for wallpaper, specialty finishes, or wood treatments. People are exploring molding, custom color lighting, and painting ceilings the same color as the walls. Nothing is off-limits for the ceiling.

One interesting trend is nostalgia for books (especially with e-readers popping up everywhere). We see this in library-themed rooms, whether you have a literature collection or opt for the Genuine Fake Bookshelf wallpaper by Deborah Bowness (seen below). Bookshelf wallpaper has been massively popular for the past five years, as it’s an easy way to make your living room cozy and quaint.

bookshelf-wallpaperSource: Deborah Bowness

Kitchen Remodeling Trends 2015

We’ll get into this more below, but vivid kitchen colors are in this year (see more about 2015 color trends below). Bright, Eastern-inspired tile is slowly displacing traditional white subway tile. Or as Houzz predicts, 2015 kitchen designs will see “hints of Turkish and other Middle Eastern influences.” Moroccan themes have staying power, in the kitchen and elsewhere. Art Deco and Art Noveau will also crop up.

Speaking of staying power, open shelving is one of 2015’s kitchen design trends that will look familiar to design enthusiasts. Today’s homeowners and designers have a penchant for everything open and airy. Open shelves display your colorful dinnerware while making the space seem larger. For now, the benefits outweigh the inability to hide your old beat-up mixer.

Another prediction from Houzz about this year’s kitchens is that warm metals will dominate. So if you’re shopping for new drawer handles, knobs, or faucets, try copper and gold instead of silver and pewter. A dark bronze with an aged patina can add depth as well.

Of course, with all of that open shelving and bright tiles, you will want to keep your kitchen looking its cleanest and brightest. If you’re looking for tips, check out these affordable and easy to do tricks from Top Reveal.

A few other 2015 kitchen design trends:

  • Move over, granite — quartz is the new countertop must-have
  • Touchless faucets are gaining steam
  • Sustainability still reigns, via energy-saving kitchen appliances and LED lighting

modern kitchen open shelving

© Mosaik Design & Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Trends in 2015

Two words: Freestanding tubs. The hot new bathroom staple is contemporary and spa-like — two foundational traits for bathrooms in 2015, according to the National Kitchen & Bathroom Association. Freestanding bathtubs are both functional and bathroom statement pieces, whether you choose one with vintage charm or a more modern look. Place it near a strategically covered window to hit the sweet spot of privacy and a stunning view.

freestanding bathtub

© Mosaik Design & Remodeling

What else is in for bathrooms in 2015? Huffington Post says that, like other rooms in the house, bathrooms will see lots of gray color schemes and touchless faucets. Statement floor tile, natural beauty, and larger showers are all among Houzz’s predictions. And no surprise here: energy-efficient bathroom lighting and water-saving methods will continue to be big.

One last 2015 bathroom trend: the wall-hung vanity with an undermount sink. I definitely agree with the National Kitchen & Bathroom Association on this one. The “floating” look is modern and makes your floor look bigger; plus, undermount sinks are easy to clean, without that pesky ridge.

Design Trends 2015: Color & Paint

So what colors are you going to be painting your home this year? Pantone thinks the year’s “it” color is Marsala (18-1438). Some designers are underwhelmed by the washed-out wine hue, but it can be a nice touch in moderation. Kitchen dishtowels, canisters, and accessories are all safe, relatively temporary places to play around with this new color.

Thankfully, Pantone lists a few other top colors for 2015: Mediterranean blues, olive, and of course grey. It seems like no one can get enough of grey, whether it’s sumptuous charcoal or icy grey. Designers, homeowners, and remodelers are all gravitating toward grey in lieu of beige as the standard neutral. Try a lighter grey as the perfect counterpoint for bright splashes of color, or add intrigue with darker shades.

Others are happy to disagree with Pantone. House Beautiful’s predictions for 2015 paint colors include throwback palettes like Miami-inspired pastels and retro orange and olive. We’ll see what sticks.

paint color trends 2015

What’s Out in 2015?

Many of 2015’s home design trends — the color gray, eco-friendly options — are continuing from years past. But not everything made the cut. Vessel sinks, the once wildly popular bowl-shaped sinks that rest on a counter, are on their way out. So are chalkboard walls and taxidermy, according to Yahoo!. But I believe you’re the ultimate arbiter of what’s on-trend for your home. You’re the one who will see it every day. So as long as something brings you joy or solves a problem, it’s never out of style.

Is 2015 your year to remodel? Let’s talk. Contact us and we’ll get started on a game plan.


What design trends do you predict for 2015? What needs to go away forever?


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