Here are some useful tips to make the most out of your memorable travels this holiday season and throughout the year.

Plan Ahead:  If you know you will be traveling, plan ahead by discussing which spaces you will be purchasing items for and why.  This is particularly helpful if you have a designer involved as they can help prioritize purchases and keep budgets in check.  By integrating your travel finds into a space, it can set groundwork for an entire theme that can be rounded out after you return, or it can just be a reminder of fond memories placed amongst other items on your home.   Keep in mind, that you can be smart about bringing special items home from your travels to incorporate into your space without having to pay enormous shipping costs or spend a lot of money.

These small globe lamps and hand made rug were brought back  by the interior designer from a trip to Spain. The client visited Spain (2) weeks prior and wanted subtle reminders of that trip for their bedroom remodel.

Photos and Artwork:  Take plenty of photos while you are on vacation.  These are many interesting methods to display photos rather than on your computer or in a photo album.  One idea is to have a local artist paint a custom piece of artwork of your kids or a favorite family photo.  This way you can hang it in a family room or a prominent place where you can enjoy it regularly.  For a less expensive option, try laminating some of your favorite photos to protect them and give them some weight, then hang them from large, decorative clips or from a photo mobile in a bedroom.


Custom collage paintings were created from photos of this familys children on their recent trip to Spain.  They can now have a beautiful reminder of their shared family moments.


Create groupings from travel photos with ready-made frames that, when placed together looks like an impressive collection.


If you travel often, try framing a map like this one, to create a focal point for years to come.  This will help the entire family keep track of places visited. 

Create Memorabilia and Ephemera:  While you are traveling, collect small items that remind you of a special moment such as a menu or matchbook from your favorite restaurant or a newspaper, map or brochure from a particular destination.  These items are not only mostly free, but are easy to pack.  They carry authenticity of a place as well and can be framed or artfully displayed as a collection.