There are many wonderful cable television resources available that will inspire your home remodeling projects and give you home design ideas. These shows help you envision the project, implement the process, install, and finish all within a cozy 60 minute time frame…in theory. Many of these projects are completely do-able, but you may run into some problems along the way.

  1. You do not have professional assistants: When home improvement shows perform a home remodeling project, it isn’t just one or two people doing the work. They have a whole team of experts and professionals working with them, with knowledge and experience that you probably do not have. This can leave you stuck in the middle of your project wondering, “What now?!?”
  1.  Your project will take time: When you start a home improvement project on your own, it is not feasible that from start to finish you will have your project complete in 60 minutes. Often your project will take hours, days, even weeks to complete. It can take over all of your spare time, because let’s face it; you have other commitments that need your attention as well.
  1. Getting in over your head: As hard as it is to admit, everyone does not always have the ability to recreate the ideas they see on TV in their own home. Which is great, that is why there are professionals available to help! Starting a project that you are unsure if you can finish, often leads to a frustrating experience that ends in calling in a professional remodeler.
  1. Costs may be greater than they appear: Unfortunately not all of the costs estimates on DIY shows are accurate. Many times labor, design, and product mark-ups are not calculated in the low price that is televised. Other times very cheap quality products are used to get to an inexpensive price. And we all know the age old saying, “You get what you pay for”. That is especially true when it comes to home improvement.

Sometimes it is best to go to a professional from the beginning and save yourself time and money. Home improvement shows are great inspirations, but it is often a better idea to leave the implementation to an expert. Contact us today for some fresh ideas!