Baseboard moulding (called base) and case mouldings can add a refined edge to a room. Base moulding is the moulding that covers the gap between an interior wall and the floor. Case moulding is what conceals the space between an interior wall around a door or window frame. Often builders leave the base and case more unfinished than refined. Here are a few easy DIY tips that can help you take this from Builder to Beautiful.

Determine if the base mouldings and case mouldings are a design that you want to keep. You can purchase these with a variety of design detail, and replacing moulding may be easier than trying to refinish the existing mouldings.

If you are pleased with the design, but want to add some punch in the design you can easily paint or stain the existing mouldings. Each option requires a few preparation steps, but will give you a new finished look. Consider painting the moulding a bright hue to liven up a neutral room. You can also use a stain similar to the wood tones you have in the room to coordinate a cohesive and relaxing feeling throughout.

Whether replacing your mouldings, or refinishing them, the added touch will complete the look of your styled home.