Kitchen Remodel, Before

Kitchen Remodel, After

Are you thinking of beginning a home remodeling project in order to increase its value? Before you start, you should research how much of a return you will reap when you are ready to sell your home.

Calculating your remodel return on investment can be difficult and confusing. Not only does the type of remodel make a difference, but you need to look at your location as well. A basement remodel may not have the same return in Denver as it would in Portland.

The most widely used reference guide is issued annually by Hanley Wood and Remodeling Magazine. While the Cost vs. Value Report will give you a good idea of what investments will bring you the largest return, it is best to consult with your remodeler and real estate agent who are familiar with trends in your city and specific neighborhood. Before beginning any project, the experts at Mosaik Design & Remodeling are happy to offer design consultations on what projects may bring you the best return on your investment.