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A Guide to Making Art Part of Your Home

Portland's Pearl District

Remodeled Basement

Basement Remodel by Mosaik Design and Fig Studio

Do you love the art in your home? Are you searching for new pieces to add to your collection? Not sure what types of pieces match or accentuate your home’s style? Or maybe you’re new to the art world and aren’t even sure where to start. What art should you buy? Where should you look?

Today we’ll answer these questions and hopefully inspire you to discover new pieces you love and that you’ll be proud to display in your home.

Let’s get started.

Art’s Many Benefits

When it comes to decorating their homes, too many people overlook the importance of artwork or choose pieces that they don’t love, simply to fill empty space. Those are mistakes!

Displaying the right artwork in your home has many benefits. Art can:

  • Make your space look and feel larger. Use different-sized pieces to highlight and accentuate your home’s best features.
  • Make you feel better. A beautifully designed home, including well-chosen pieces can make you feel less stressed. You’ll feel more relaxed and you’ll just enjoy your home more.
  • Build community. By purchasing pieces you love from local artists, you’re supporting your community and helping talented artists earn the living they deserve.
  • Serve as a focal point for your home’s style. Your favorite pieces shouldn’t fade into the background. Instead they can serve as a focal point to build the rest of your home’s style around.
  • Reflect you, your values, your loves, and makes your space your own. By selecting pieces that you truly love and want to look at, you’ll make your home your own. Your space will become a reflection of you, your style, and your aesthetics.

Do You Love Your Home’s Art?

Ask yourself, “Do I really love every piece in my home?” If not, now’s a great time to start thinking about replacing the pieces you don’t love with ones you do.

Before you rush out and buy a houseful of new pieces, ask yourself a few more questions to help you understand why you love some pieces more than others:

  • How do you feel about the shape and color of a particular piece?
  • What would you change about a piece, if you could?
  • What matters most to you about art? Do you love pieces associated with specific memories– art you bought on a trip for example– or do you just enjoy looking at pieces you find beautiful?

Once you have a good sense of what you do and don’t like about the art currently in your home, then you’ll be ready to start choosing new art for your home.

Choosing New Pieces for Your Home

Contemporary Dining Room

The key to filling a home with art that you love is simple:

Don’t rush.

Learn to savor and enjoy the process of searching for pieces of art that you love. The more time and care you put into choosing a new piece of art for your home, the more joy that piece will bring you.

But before you buy anything, here’s something to try:

Move your artworks around.

Often, you may see a piece in a whole new light (no pun intended) just by moving it to a new room. Some pieces look their best in bright light, while others work better in more subdued surroundings. So experiment! Try moving a painting in your living room into the bedroom or vice versa.

By giving the art you have a chance to breathe new life into your space, you’ll learn more about the style and type of artworks you love. And you’ll be better prepared to bring new pieces into your home.

Where to Find New Art?

Finding new pieces doesn’t have to be a chore or break the bank. There are many great places to look for artwork that you’ll love.

Your Travels

One family I worked with used art and souvenirs from their vacations and travels to decorate their space. I love this idea! Every piece is chosen with care and brings back great memories of fun times together!

As you travel, keep an eye out for locally-made pieces. Many galleries and artists are used to shipping their work, so you may not even have to fit it into your carry-on luggage!

Local Colleges & Universities

Often, if you’re looking for a truly unique piece on a budget, look to local schools and universities. Many students will love the opportunity to create a piece for their portfolio and the chance to earn money for their work!

If you live in the Portland area, visit the Pacific Northwest College of Art student galleries to see if any artists inspire you. You’ll see a variety of styles and mediums by up-and-coming and very talented artists.

Local Galleries

Portland's Pearl District

Living in Portland, we’re lucky to have an entire neighborhood full of great art galleries. Join the crowds on First Thursday and walk through some of the area’s most popular galleries. My favorites include:

The more galleries you visit, the more you’ll begin to recognize styles and pieces that speak to you. But again, don’t feel pressured to buy right away. As you see pieces you like, look at the materials and style (ask the gallery curators for help) and then search out similar artists.

Vintage Stores and Consignment Shop

Depending on the style of your home and your personal preferences, you might be able to find some great pieces of art and some great bargains by searching vintage shops, consignment stores, and other secondhand dealers.

My Biggest Tip for Choosing New Art

Don’t stress.

Art should be fun and something you love. Don’t worry about choosing the “right” pieces, just look for pieces that speak to you and makes you happy in your home. Don’t feel like you have to search out hot artists, fashionable styles, or pieces that cost a fortune. Simply look for pieces you love and pieces that you want to have in your home.

Art that’s chosen with care, love, and thought will always look great.

Need Help Finding Art for Your Home?


If you’re planning on changing out your art as part of a home-design or remodeling project– or if you’re just looking for new art, get in touch or give us a call at (503) 406-6179.


Our interior design team can help you find great artwork for your home, give advice on colors, styles, and shapes, and much more. We’d love to help you find new pieces that you love!


Photo Credit: Akash Kataruka

Latest Tile Trends

cevica-antic-specialHave you ever visited a place and then been inspired to bring some aspect of the place home with you?  Many people do, and this trend is reflected in the many new varieties of tile available today.  Due to the increased interest in tile, manufacturers are keeping pace with the latest consumer demands by making advances in tile styles, designs and composition.

Current trends include vintage/retro designs, wood grain tiles that emulate salvaged materials and geometric designs intended for making a statement.    Warm tones and neutral color schemes are huge right now as well as Art Nouveau design elements.


Your tile choices can say a lot about who you are, including motifs that evoke classic or contemporary art design, pop culture, nature, or almost any other design element you can think of.  Also, there are many applications that are increasing in popularity such as tiling an entire wall in the kitchen in a geometric pattern.  This emulates wallpaper, also a popular trend.


By taking into consideration you home’s current style, budget, trends and personal taste, a professional designer is your best bet to help you weed through the multitude of choices and select the perfect tile application.


Everyone’s In the Kitchen… again!

mosaik portland kitchen remodel

It happens in nearly every American home. Gathering spaces are available throughout the house, yet everyone wants to hang out in the kitchen! It’s called the “heart of the home” for a reason. Comfort and connection can always be found there.


Does your kitchen need some love in return?

Even the slightest cosmetic change can uplift the space drastically and build significant equity in your home. Here are a few inspiring suggestions to spark your imagination…


Paint:  This is by far the best bang for your buck. One of our design teachers once said that a gallon of paint is worth $500 in the value it brings to a space. Not only can it dramatically alter the look and feel of a room, but if you do it yourself, it will cost virtually nothing.

Another small change that packs a punch is to paint your existing cabinetry. This process is quite involved. What’s required for lasting quality is beyond most homeowners’ skill set. Unfortunately, many of our clients replace their cabinets because of a poor paint job done by the previous homeowner. So, if you’re called to do this, hire a professional.

WHAT COLOR TO CHOOSE: Lighter tones make a space feel fresh and new. Darker colors work best for accent walls or in powder baths to add drama.


Hardware:  This is jewelry for your cabinets, so have fun with it. You will be surprised at how different your cabinetry looks with updated hardware.

QUICK TIP: If you have pulls on your cabinets, make sure that you measure the existing hardware so your new hardware will fit into the existing holes. Better yet, just take one off a drawer and take it with you!


mosaik design kitchen remodel

Countertops:  This can be as simple as installing new laminate over top of an existing countertop (yes, you can do that). Most people tend to want a higher-end countertop like granite or solid quartz in the kitchen and master bath.

HOW TO DECIDE: Let the value of your home and the room you are working on guide you on this decision.


Lighting:  Swapping out new fixtures in the existing locations is the most affordable way to go. Think about putting a small chandelier in your powder bath or adding colorful pendants above an island or sink in your kitchen. These can often be done with minimal drywall repair.

ANOTHER IDEA: Add recessed lights to a kitchen to improve the general lighting.  You will be amazed at how much the look and feel of a space improves with good lighting.


Plumbing Fixtures:  There are so many wonderful fixtures out there for under $200. Depending on how handy you are, this fairly simple DIY project can add both style and function. In a bathroom, just changing out a tired vanity faucet or toilet can change the whole feel of the room without the need for a complete remodel.

WHAT’S POPULAR NOW: Think about installing a pull-out faucet in your kitchen if you don’t have one. There are tons of style options that are super functional. 

Choosing a Design Build Project Partner

may is national home remodeling monthSpring has sprung and, along with it, a new season of home renovation inspiration!

This is the time of year when many people start thinking seriously about remodeling a bathroom or kitchen or even tackling a bigger project such as a new home addition.

Before you dive headlong into your project, take the time to do some planning and get the professional support you need to make sure the job is done right… the first time.

The first important consideration has to do with your plan.  What are your goals and priorities, budget and timelines?

The answers to these important questions are easily determined when you work with the right group of professionals… people who have been through the process enough times successfully avoid getting hung up in the inevitable snags along the way.

That’s why it makes sense to work with a Design/Build firm like Mosaik Design and Remodeling.   Working with one company who can handle the details from planning to completion means you’ll avoid the pitfalls of hiring individual contractors.  It also means you’ll receive ongoing communication about every aspect of your project… from the same person who is familiar with the entire job.  In short, working with a Design/Build firm takes out the guesswork for you, and assures a consistent level of quality you are unlikely to get when you hire individual, independent contractors.

In the end, it means you’ll be happier with the process as well as the result.  And that’s worth a lot.

When you’re ready to get started, we would love to talk with you.  As a  Design/Build firm, we’ll see your project through from start to finish, communicating with you every step of the way, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

High Impact on a Tight Budget: 5 Design Concepts Using Just Paint

The quickest way to transform a space or feature in your home is to change the color. Here is a list of five high impact ways to use paint to make fresh design statements while on a tight budget.

Stair Rail: A few coats of paint to provide contrast can create a dramatic effect on an interior stair rail. As seen in the photos above, changing the paint on the stair rail immediately renews the feel of the area.

Walls: Having a designer help you select new paint colors for your home and then doing the painting yourself is a great way to save money. You get the expertise of the designer, but the labor is free!

Molding: Adding a dark color to moldings can help bring a more formal feel to a room without committing to changing the paint within the entire space.

Fireplace Bricks: Painting the bricks around your fireplace is a great way to make over an existing focal point in your home. Dark natural bricks can often pull the light out of a room, so brightening them up with a coat of paint can really shift the mood of the environment. Alternatively, adding a dark coat of paint to fireplace bricks can add an air of glamour and sophistication.

Cabinet Backs: If your cabinet backs are visible, use them to your advantage. A coat of bright paint that coordinates with your room is an unexpected pop of color that can really help tie a room together. Adding interior lighting will showcase unique items within the cabinets and create a gallery effect in your home.

The options are extensive when it comes to using paint to give your home a new look. The best part is that you are capable of making most of these changes on your own. When you do need help or reassurance, a designer should be your first call! At Mosaik Design & Remodeling, we are happy to offer design consultation services for your remodeling project.