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Mosaik Design & Remodeling
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by Melinda Burpo on Mosaik Design & Remodeling
Erin helped make all the design choices very easy

After a long search we chose Mosaik to remodel our basement last year. They did a fabulous job. Erin helped make all the design choices very easy. She knew our tastes and was always spot on with her options. Scott was extremely diligent at managing the construction. When we had a couple of things not go quite right, Mosaik was quick to fix it. We were really happy with them.

by Maria P on Mosaik Design & Remodeling
Good planning and on-time services

Mosaik remodeled my bathroom, hallway and laundry room. Good planning and on-time services. Great quality of work.Great communications.

by Barbara Kelley on Mosaik Design & Remodeling
They are professional and on schedule

Erin, and Scott remodeled my entire house this year, 2016. With Erin's design and Scott's percise skills, my house is now a beautiful home. They are professional and on schedule. Moreover, they always kept me updated on the weekly progress. I felt so good with their work I took several vacations during the project.

by Veronique Johnstone on Mosaik Design & Remodeling
The whole process far exceeded expectations

We loved Mosaik Design’s expertise, both in design and construction, combined with great responsiveness and customer service! Mosaik Design quickly understood our needs/tastes which made for a quick and beautiful design. The great collaboration with seasoned contractors who share the same high values made for a great execution. Appreciated the whole team's patience and responsiveness to our questions and willingness to making small modifications along the way. We have a beautiful kitchen, on time and on budget, and the whole process far exceeded expectations. We couldn't be happier!

by Jeff Meader on Mosaik Design & Remodeling
Very respectful of my time and my budget

They were very respectful of my time and my budget. They listened to me and guided me to the best decisions. They've helped me build a one of a kind wine tasting room. Amazing. I'd highly recommend them.

by Jack Shields on Mosaik Design & Remodeling
They listened, consulted and along with their associates did great work

Mosaik Design and Remodeling is a GREAT company! From beginning to end of our rather extensive project they listened, consulted and along with their associates did great work. They came with a great recommendation from dear long time friends, and I am most pleased to pass along the good news.

by Kathryn Scotten on Mosaik Design & Remodeling
Scott and Erin monitored our project continuously to ensure quality

We were happy with every aspect of our remodel project. The centerpiece was a complete kitchen remodel, which involved removing loadbearing walls and taking the expanded space down to bare studs. In addition, they replaced wood floors in the living room, dining room, and hall; removed an interior chimney, replaced the furnace and water heater, and added air conditioning; cleaned out old wiring and replaced insulation in the attic; retiled the fireplace; added wall sconces and cleaned up old wiring; resurfaced the dining room ceiling; and repainted the hall, dining room, and living room.

All of this was completed in three months. At the beginning, Scott gave us a schedule of who would be in the house every day, doing what. The only delay was in the delivery of the custom cabinets, but he revised the schedule to make up all but two days. Workers told us they like working with Mosaik because they can count on getting in to do their work on time. It was clear that Mosaik has a team of skilled craftspeople who respect them and are committed to meeting their standards of quality.

Scott and Erin monitored our project continuously to ensure quality. Whenever something important happened, one of them was there make sure it was right before it was set in place. When the countertop arrived, so did Scott. When the tile installers were laying out the marble mosaic, Erin was there to look it over—and decide it needed to be larger. Scott looked at the eggshell paint on the living room ceiling one sunny morning, decided it was too shiny, and had them repaint it.

We are so glad we chose Mosaik because the process was so smooth. They managed everything from beginning to end, responded quickly to questions, and called immediately the few times issues arose. (Our house is almost 100 years old.) Both Erin and Scott are personable and professional—and so pleasant to work with.

We’re so happy with the way our kitchen turned out. Erin both listens and advises well, and we were grateful for both. We told her we wanted to echo the house’s architectural themes, but not make it a period piece; and she achieved a perfect balance—a light, airy, functional space that fits beautifully with surrounding spaces. It’s warm and comfortable, and also beautiful and sophisticated. We love it, and our friends are amazed.

Our project cost more than we planned only because of change orders we approved (e.g., adding air conditioning, replacing wood floors). The only additional charge related to the original scope of work was less than $300, to replace a corroded pipe discovered in a wall. Their process, which involves an early engineering study and pre-bid contractor walk-throughs, resulted in a firm contract. In a nutshell: Erin and Scott know what they’re doing.

by Laura Hertner on Mosaik Design & Remodeling
A true professional I am proud to work with!

I have had several opportunities to work with Mosaik Design over the years as one of their preferred subcontractors. Their job walks, design, industry experience, attention to detail, & schedules help me to be a successful trade partner. They put their customers first and do not settle for anything less than 110% from all of their subs. A true professional I am proud to work with!

by Sabrina Prill on Mosaik Design & Remodeling
Amazing from our initial consult until the final inspection

Mosiak Design was amazing from our initial consult until the final inspection. They helped us create a beautiful yet economical remodel to our basement, adding a bedroom that looked as if it were original to the home. Down to the last baseboard, every detail was perfect. Their professionalism and personal customer service was over the top- they truly cared about our happiness with every step of the project. We will hire them again for our next home project!

by Marianne Woodside on Mosaik Design & Remodeling
They stayed with the job until every detail was complete

Mosaik Design did a complete remodel of our upstairs - three bedrooms, two bathrooms and master closet. Erin and her team did a great job creating a design that improved function and updated the look within our preferred style. We love the floors, new cabinets and colors!

Mosaik's contractors did quality work, kept the area's clean and were professional and easy to work with. They stayed with the job until every detail was complete. This did cause the project to go longer than expected.

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