Design Tips for Weirdly-Shaped Loft and Attic Bedrooms

While many view oddly shaped attic or loft bedrooms as a difficult design constraint, really they should be viewed as an opportunity! These character-rich spaces offer a number of possibilities to truly make your bedroom one of a kind! In this post, we’ll take a look at some design tips for weirdly shaped loft and […]

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Easy Ways to Incorporate Mid-Century Modern Design in Your Home

Here at Mosaik Design & Remodeling, we love when design trends for yesteryear return with a modern twist. Nowhere is this more apparent now than with mid-century modern design. Initially popular in the years after the second world war, mid-century modern design has come back in a big way. Centered around open floor plans, natural […]

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Mosaik Design Featured on househappy!

7 ways to make your home more sustainable

Have you visited the househappy blog? Their site is a great homeowner resource for things like house repair and maintenance advice. This month, I’m excited to share that househappy blog is featuring an article I wrote about how to make your home more sustainable! In my article, I share some practical and beautiful ways to […]

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10 Amazing TV Show Sets to Inspire Your Interior Design Project

Friends Kitchen Inspiration

  Ever wish you could live in one of the homes on Mad Men? Modern Family? Gilmore Girls? I don’t blame you! TV shows offer us a glimpse into another home, another lifestyle, and sometimes even another time period. An incredible amount of time and energy goes into designing the perfect set. When it comes […]

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9 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

indoor plants

Maybe company’s coming and you’ve got to get rid of that burnt food smell fast! Maybe you’d like to freshen up a musty room. Or maybe you just want to make your home smell extra good for a relaxing at-home spa day. Ready to love the way your home smells? These 9 methods are effective […]

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