8 Kitchen Organization Ideas We Love

The key to proper kitchen organization is to store everything while keeping your kitchen looking great and functioning smoothly. Seems simple, but with the grind of daily life and the realities of running a home, bad habits can form and messy kitchens can materialize. To combat this, designing your kitchen with ample storage means you’ll […]

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Is a Cosmetic Kitchen Remodel Right for You?

cosmetic kitchen remodel

This article was featured in All Things Real Estate Magazine, a great resource for Portland homeowners, buyers, sellers, and anyone interested in real estate. Ready to learn all about cosmetic kitchen remodels? Head over to the digital issue of All Things Real Estate or keep reading: If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen, deciding between […]

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Home Remodeling Projects You’ll Have to See to Believe

1920s Arts & Craft Home in Portland

We would like to show you some of our recent remodeling projects, including a gorgeous 1920’s Arts and Crafts home, as well as a mid-century kitchen and an industrial chic basement. But we’re not just going to show you the finished product, we’re going to look at how things were before the remodeling work began. […]

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Home, Kitchen, & Bathroom Design Trends 2015

Here at Mosaik Design & Remodeling, we’re excited it’s 2015. A new year means hope and possibility. Specifically, it’s a fresh start to tackle those areas of your home you’re less than thrilled with. Whether you have plans to remodel or just dabble in design, you’ll want to know what trends are in for this […]

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How to Create Kitchen Color Schemes

Kitchen Color Schemes 101 Welcome to the next post in our interior painting color series! Last time I talked about choosing an interior painting color palette. We covered the color wheel, analogous and complementary colors, and how different colors affect your mood. It’s worth a quick skim if you missed it. Today we’ll focus on […]

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