9 Great Ways to Enjoy Your Small Space

Today, the average newly-constructed American home is almost 3,000 square feet! But here in Portland, many homes are much smaller. The average home constructed in the 1950’s (like many of those in Portland’s most desirable neighborhoods) was less than 1,200 square feet. Small homes can be great, but they’re challenging, too. In today’s post we’re […]

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10 Amazing TV Show Sets to Inspire Your Interior Design Project

Friends Kitchen Inspiration

  Ever wish you could live in one of the homes on Mad Men? Modern Family? Gilmore Girls? I don’t blame you! TV shows offer us a glimpse into another home, another lifestyle, and sometimes even another time period. An incredible amount of time and energy goes into designing the perfect set. When it comes […]

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How to Design a Beautiful Craftsman Kitchen (Photos)

concrete countertops

Are you someone who values uniqueness and fine craftsmanship? Do you care about style and functionality? Does a simple, elegant kitchen design appeal to you? You might need a Craftsman kitchen. There aren’t many styles in American architecture and design that have held up as long as Craftsman. And it’s easy to see why: Craftsman […]

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9 Unusual Sources of Design Inspiration

fashion inspired nautical design

Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The Amazon Rainforest. Guitars. Have you ever been inexplicably inspired by something unusual? When we’re looking for interior design inspiration, most of us look to Pinterest, home design blogs, or maybe even a Home & Garden magazine. Inspiration comes in many forms though. Today, I’ll show you 9 unusual places that might […]

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10 Interior Design Trends That Will Stand the Test of Time

indoor plants

If you’ve ever flipped through a design magazine from the 1970s, you know how dated certain design trends can become. We may not love them now, but shag carpet and mustard yellow walls were once the hottest trends. Will the same thing happen to today’s trends? Is there a way to know what has staying […]

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