Design Trends You Can Use in Every Room of the House

Are you staying on top of the latest home design trends? Much like fashion, the colors, fabrics, prints, and accessories of your home go in and out of style. Keeping up with every seasonal home trend would be impossible, but it can be worthwhile (and fun) to make changes and updates on occasion. Even if […]

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Thanks to The Snug

creative ways to hang bathroom towels

Do you love DIY home decor projects as much as I do? The Snug is a great resource for DIY projects from all over the Internet, from creating a bedroom mural to DIY coffee-making contraptions. This month, The Snug is featuring my article about creative ways to hang bathroom towels! In my article, I show […]

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My Favorite Interior Design Blogs

apartment therapy

Have you hit a dead end in a home redesign? Do you have a space that’s missing something you can’t quite put your finger on? Do you love scrolling through home decor photos on Pinterest, but aren’t sure how to make those styles work in your own home? We all need inspiration from time to […]

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Thanks to HomeAdvisor!

innovative home remodeling ideas

I love HomeAdvisor’s blog! It’s full of awesome home improvement and design tips. This month, HomeAdvisor is featuring my article about some of the most innovative home remodeling ideas I’ve seen. In my experience, some of the most unique ideas ideas come about when people find creative solutions for small spaces, weirdly shaped rooms, and […]

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Thank You househappy!

Skip the Chaos & Stay Organized-

Do you love househappy as much as I do? Their blog is a great resource for everything from childproofing your home to getting to know the character of Portland’s many neighborhoods. This month, I’m excited that the househappy blog is featuring an article I wrote about how to stay organized during your next move! In […]

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