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Thank You househappy!

Skip the Chaos & Stay Organized-

Do you love househappy as much as I do? Their blog is a great resource for everything from childproofing your home to getting to know the character of Portland’s many neighborhoods. This month, I’m excited that the househappy blog is featuring an article I wrote about how to stay organized during your next move! In […]

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Portland Remodel Ideas to Pay Tribute to the Rose City

indoor bike rack home

Photo: Stuart Seeger Roses that grow like weeds, fiercely loyal sports fans, microbreweries around every corner. Not to mention the gorgeous evergreens and the ever-present Mt. Hood marking our skyline on clear days. There’s no doubt about it, we Portlanders have it pretty good. If you love the Rose City as much as I do, […]

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Make Your Home a Happier Place with These Design Tricks

blue color living room design

Can the state of your home make you feel happy, calm, and improve your mood? We’ve written blog posts about how different paint colors make you feel. We’ve even written about the psychology of interior design. What we haven’t done yet is talk specifically about happiness. Let’s look at a few design tricks you can use to […]

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Home Remodeling Projects You’ll Have to See to Believe

1920s Arts & Craft Home in Portland

We would like to show you some of our recent remodeling projects, including a gorgeous 1920’s Arts and Crafts home, as well as a mid-century kitchen and an industrial chic basement. But we’re not just going to show you the finished product, we’re going to look at how things were before the remodeling work began. […]

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How to Feng Shui Your Home

outdoor patio fire elements feng shui

Feng shui (“fung shway”) is the ancient Chinese art of arranging your home so environmental elements are balanced, which will supposedly bring you good luck. (It’s Chinese for “wind water.”) Some are dismissive of it. Advice like, “To attract more money, keep the stove clean” doesn’t help, either. But others take feng shui very seriously. […]

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