Monthly Archives: September 2012

Green Design: Spending Now to Save Natural Resources and Money in the Future

  Often times when home owners think of green design, the cost of going green is in the forefront of their mind. This short-term thinking is what pulls most home owners back from beginning environmentally friendly renovation projects. What they don’t stop to realize is that spending a little more money up front will not […]

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Where Home Improvement Shows Don’t Translate to Reality

  There are many wonderful cable television resources available that will inspire your home remodeling projects and give you home design ideas. These shows help you envision the project, implement the process, install, and finish all within a cozy 60 minute time frame…in theory. Many of these projects are completely do-able, but you may run […]

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Family Friendly Basement Remodel

    Our homeowners, a pair of busy doctors, were in desperate need of extra play space for their two pre-teen children.  This 1,700 square foot daylight basement in Southwest Portland went virtually unused except to store Christmas decorations and a mish-mash of cheap furniture collected throughout the years.  The dark wood paneling, unused fireplace, maze of hallways, […]

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